Limari Valley, CHILE
Tabali Vinyard

Tabali Vinyard

Tabalí vineyard produces unique wines, complex, character and elegance, being recognized as one of the best wine projects in the region.

The soil where crops of vines are located, have a high composition of clays, stones and calcium carbonate which allows wines of unparalleled texture and structure. This feature along the transitional climate of coastal clouds called "camanchaca" dry air contributed by the average mountain, in modern winery and wine specialized equipment; make their wines are identified as one of the best references of Chilean and world wine industry.
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Los Vinos de Tabali Vinyard

Limari Valley

This valley has a cool climate near the coast and moderate at 60 kilometers from the sea, creating various types of wine especially red by the amount of time to maturity at which they can be, especially the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet.

This lands are fertile and emerge all kinds of flowers, vegetables, papayas and, especially, vineyards producing table grapes, wine and pisco.