Limari Valley, CHILE
Agua Tierra Vinyard

Agua Tierra Vinyard

AguaTierra vineyard is located in Ciénago, near Punitaqui, which is 25 kilometers from Ovalle Limari Valley in the Region of Coquimbo.

It belongs to the Agricultural Society AguaTierra Ltda., Who began this adventure to produce organic wines 1999, with all certified organically from March 2004 production.

AguaTierra has waited the best time to exit the market because it is targeting a segment that values the organic production and profits.
The area has the cleanest soils in the country, and these are added to natural conditions of production, in which native flowers, planted among the vines, to attract and control insects, presenting excellent results are used.
Handling is without chemicals and artificial products. Punitaqui bet to become the cleanest area of the world to cultivate organic grapes, due to the lack of rain, excellent solar radiation.
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Los Vinos de Agua Tierra Vinyard

Limari Valley

This valley has a cool climate near the coast and moderate at 60 kilometers from the sea, creating various types of wine especially red by the amount of time to maturity at which they can be, especially the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet.

This lands are fertile and emerge all kinds of flowers, vegetables, papayas and, especially, vineyards producing table grapes, wine and pisco.

Vineyards in Limari Valley