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Common Name: Huemul

Scientific name: South Andean Deer

Class: Mammalia

The huemul is a symbol of our national emblem, and today is a species decimated after years of hunting.

The South Andean deer or Chilean mammals is one of the least known of our wildlife. It is a deer that has a dark brown hair, slightly mixed with yellow, dense, thick, pneumatic (air inside) and somewhat oily. This allows you to easily swim in the icy waters of glacial lakes, rivers, streams and also protects and harbors severe winter weather (and especially very strong winds that increase the cooling conditions). The coat is moved twice a year: in autumn and spring. Its color allows you to easily blend with the rocks, soil, bushes and trees.

The male can reach a size of 90 to 100 inches at the withers and weigh, and even exceed 90 kg. and have a larger body size and weight than females. They have a lump of 80 cm and weighing approximately up to 65 kg.

The pups are born weighing up to 3.5 kg. The ears are conspicuous by their long (up to 25 cm) and constant mobility.

Like all deer, only the males possess antlers huemul, which consists of two pairs of horns that split up at the base. The antlers, which are changed every year, it appears at the beginning of winter and spring growth begins a new one.

Originally inhabited huemul from the central zone to Magellan, along the foothills and mountains of the Andes and coastal mountains and southern end.

Currently, you can only find huemules in a small area of the Nevados de Chillán (VIII Region), in certain sectors of the Andean Region X and in certain areas of Aysen (XI Region) and Magallanes (Region XII).

The huemul is one of the few animals that can suffer from "stress" ... imminent danger can sit still and scared ..., there your heart will not resist and goes to die. There have been cases of huemules flowing into the lakes before a danger, preferring to drown. Others remain quiet while the danger no longer exists ...