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Argentina Tourists purchases grow in Chile

Information about Argentina Tourists purchases grow in Chile

Argentinians with suitcases buying clothes, electronic articles and shoes, whereas the Brazilians and the Chileans were practically absent. This it was the Monday panorama in the evening in an outlet of Fortune, when the tourists trasandinos were useful the long weekend that spread up to yesterday.

This year, the expense with credit card of the Argentine tourists - those who represent 70 % of the purchases in retail for this way of payment - grew 134 % between January and October, according to information of the Federation of Companies of Tourism of Chile (Fedetur) and information delivered by Transbank. With it, the tourists of the neighboring country already explain 26 % of the foreigners total expense in Chile, being positioned closely together of The United States, the principal one in this matter in our country.

Date of publishing: 2015-12-10

Source: El Mercurio